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Clear Dome/Glamping Dome




SUNLIFE Clear Dome/Camping Dome 4.5M is assembled with 100% Virgin Spain Imported GE Lexan Materia, with TWO sides 50 microns UV layer, prevent 99.9% harmful UV Including Clear Dome Shell+Alu Base+install spare part+2 Alu windows+ Smart Lock of Door+Electric shade cover system+NEW LED Light system +air renewal system






Product Description
Product Name
Clear colors
Product life
10 years
Wind Loading
Privacy protection
with side curtains and top curtains
party,trade show,wedding,event,activity,Camping ect.


2m Dome House Data:
Base: 3.2 sqm
Dimension: 2000mm D x 2400mm H
Weight: 100 Kgs
Material: PC+Aluminium Profile
Proposal Application: Washroom

3m Dome House Data:
Base: 7.1 sqm
Dimension: 3000mm D X 2200mm H
Weight: 150 Kgs
Material: PC+Aluminium Profile
Proposal Application: Glamping hotel, garden igloo, Greenhouse, Children Playground, etc.

4m Dome House Data:
Base: 12.5 sqm
Dimension: 4000mm D X 2700mm H
Weight: 200 Kgs
Material: PC+Aluminium Profile
Proposal Application: Glamping hotel, Spa Cover, Restaurant Café Pop-up, etc.

5m Dome House Data:
Base: 19.6 sqm
Dimension: 5000mm D X 3000mm H
Weight: 250 Kgs
Material: PC+Aluminium Profile
Proposal Application: Glamping hotel, Active Center, Garden igloo restaurant, etc.

9m Dome House Data:
Base: 90sqm
Dimension: 9000mm D X 6000mm H
Weight: 350 Kgs
Material: PC+Aluminium Profile
Proposal Application: Service center bar, etc.





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