• Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle
  • Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle
  • Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle
  • Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle
  • Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle

Durable and safety clear SUP board transparent surfboard with paddle

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US $ 550 / pc

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5 pc

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Product Description


SUP Board is supposed to be easy, simple, and most importantly, fun! SUNLIFE delivers this and so much more. Our patented design allows you to view and see the ocean like no other experience!

Imagine seeing the fish swim under your feet or witness a sea turtle up close, and this is why we designed This clear SUP, to view the ocean like never before! Built with our extremely tough and durable shell, which helps against scratches and the elements of mother nature! 

The Hull Material is mainly made of 100% Imported GE Lexan Materia, its accessories include 1 Paddle, 1-foot leash.

It offers a full transparent window to help you discovering a whole new world under your feet. The clear SUP board brings you a unique and exciting paddle experience while you are paddling, just like walking on the water. The quality rubber mat and foot leash keep you in a safe and anti-slip condition. A longer board with removable fin allows greater stability in changing tides during excursions and safaris.


SUN LIFE 100% Transparent clear paddle board: 




SUP Boday with Accessories Weight:25 KGS

Weight Capacity:110KGS

Product Name


Model No.




Kayak Raw Material

100% Virgin Spain Imported GE Lexan Material Polycarbonate


Net Weight 24KGS



Standard Accessories 

1 PCS Aluminum Alloy Paddle

1 PCS Black or Blue or White Anti-Slip Mat

1 PCS Black Foot Leash


Fully transparent: 100% clear paddleboard helps you discover a whole new world while paddling, and you’ll be amazed at what you can see: corals, reefs, fish, marine life.

Lightweight: Only 1/2 weight of that same thickness glass, you can take it easy with a paddleboard strap.

High impact resistance: 4mm thermoformed polycarbonate paddleboard provides a high impact resistance kayak, 250 ~ 300 times that of same thickness glass, 30 times that of acrylic sheet. 

Large space capacity: Capacity to safely & comfortably carry 2 adults.

Good Stability: New retractable skeg system included in the standard version improves tracking, a feature especially convenient for long-distance paddling. If purchased additionally, the new optional outrigger system improves stability when in choppier waters and renders flipping practically impossible.


Hotels, resorts, aquatic sport rental companies, coastal lagoon, vacation homes, individual enthusiasts, etc.

Price Terms︰ EX-Works, FOB, CIF, C&F, Door to Door

Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C, Western Union

Packing︰ Standard wood box

Lead Time︰ 2-15 days after full payment

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Packaging & Shipping


Payment Terms︰ TT / LC
Packing︰ Wooden Box

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